Pool Rules

NOTE: A copy of these Community Rules must be displayed prominently in every property that is rented. Ignorance of the Rules is no defence.

The community is run by the owners, with most of the work required to administer the estate being undertaken on a voluntary basis. All damage and maintenance has to be paid for by the owners, including keeping the pool area clean and tidy, sweeping the paths, paying for the electricity used by the lights, water and chemicals for the pool etc.

It is the intention of these Rules to enable both residents and tenants to enjoy a safe, healthy, pleasant environment in the pool area. The Committee is sure that everyone will appreciate the need for them. Every owner and tenant should read these Rules,act on them for your own enjoyment and to respect the rights of others in the pool areas. These Rules are abbreviated and you should approach the Committee Member of your block should you require clarification.

  1. The Pool is open from 09:00 to 21:00. Before 09:00 the pool will be checked for the correct chemical balance and any cleaning that is required. Obviously, these checks are important for the correct and safe operation of the pool and swimmers are requested not to impede this essential work and leave the pool if requested.

  2. It is compulsory to use the showers before entering the pool. The showers are operated by a foot pump.

  3. All users and their dependents should not do anything to cause harm to themselves or anyone else. If you use the Jacuzzi, it is your responsibility to be aware of the risks to your health – especially if you suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems etc.

  4. Parents are wholly responsible for the safety and behaviour of their children at all times when in the pool area. Parents should ensure that their children are safe at all times and that they do not disturb other people or invade others privacy. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children at all times.

  5. There must be no undue noise at any time during opening times. Children should not run about or make a noise so as to disturb other users trying to enjoy the pool.

  6. NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED IN THE POOL AREA AT ANY TIME. If any dog is seen in or around the pool area then the owner/walker will be subject to the following fines on demand:

    • Dog on lead €50
    • Dog off lead €60
    • Dog defecates not cleaned up €65

    The fines will be paid into the Comunidad Reserve fund and a receipt will be written out if requested and delivered to the owner’s house within 24 hours. Dog walkers from other ZM Phases will be aware that they have the same Rules as we do / but not the fines.

  7. No ball games in pool area.

  8. Diving into the pool is not permitted

  9. No lilos surfboards or similar large items will be used in the pool. Children swimming aids are allowed as long as they are not large.

  10. Soap or shampoos are not allowed in the pool area

  11. Entry to the pool area will be through the entrances – No climbing over the walls/balustrades.

  12. The pool area can only be used by Phase IV owners (who own and pay for its upkeep) and their tenants. Identities will be checked on a random basis. Those not from Phase IV will be expelled following a charge of €10 being made.

  13. No garden furniture will be allowed. Sun loungers are allowed as long as they do not interfere with other users.

  14. No reserving of seats or sections of the pool area may be made.

  15. No washing may be dried over the balustrades or in the pool area.

  16. Dress wear should be appropriate and not cause offence to other users. Ladies are respectfully reminded that topless bathing is not permitted.

  17. No glasses, crockery or metal cutlery is allowed

  18. All litter/refuse must be taken back to your property for disposal.

  19. No BBQs can be taken into the pool area or used in public areas.

  20. If the pool is used as a toilet, it will be closed for 24 hours for cleaning and the person responsible banned from the pool area. Babies and children up to the age of 3 years MUST wear appropriate toilet swimming protection. Every summer faeces are found in the pool. This results in the pool being closed, usually for 3 days, and chemically treated at a cost to the Community.

  21. The pool equipment and its controls must not be tampered with. This includes the white plastic water flow spreaders on the pool floor. If removed the pool may become unsafe and be closed.

  22. In accordance with Spanish law, smoking is strictly prohibited in the pool area. Any person who disobeys this rule may be reported by other pool users / committee members to the civil authority for breaking the law and subject to a large fine.

  23. It is recommended that for easy reference all owners keep a copy of these Rules in their properties. Otherwise please consult the website: http://www.zeniamar4.com
Updated: July 2015
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