Energy Efficiency Certificate

IMPORTANT NOTICE - The information below is for general advice only and owners who wish to sell or rent their property should contact their legal representative for more information.

THE VALENCIAN Energy Agency (AVEN) has published a model for the energy label based on the label outlined by the Ministerio de Industia, Energia y Turismo.

An energy label will be issued by the authorised registration body for each Autonomous Community once the Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) is registered.

Submitting an unauthorised EEC will be treated as false documentation and will be subject to penalties. Ensure the certificate is issued by a qualified professional who is registered at the official provincial association (colegio oficial).

An Energy Efficiency Certificate, also referred to as an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), is an official document produced by a qualified assessor that contains information about the energy characteristics and energy efficiency of a dwelling or building calculated according to the calculation method defined by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

The certificate provides a rating of the energy efficiency and the carbon monoxide emissions using an A to G scale. It measures the energy efficiency by taking into account the energy consumption that it is considered necessary to meet the energy demand of the building under normal operating conditions and occupation, including the energy used in heating, refrigeration, ventilation, lighting and the production of hot water. It also includes recommendations on ways to improve the buildings energy efficiency in order to improve the energy class and save money.

On 1st June 2013 a new law will be introduced that makes it compulsory for property owners to obtain a Certificado de Eficiencia Energética in order to sell or rent a property. Basically, selling or renting your home will be no different than buying a fridge freezer, certified information must be provided to the prospective buyer or renter about how energy efficient the property is.

The certificate is valid for 10 years
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