Community Rules

NOTE: A copy of these Community Rules must be displayed prominently in every property that is rented. Ignorance of the Rules is no defence.

The community is run by the owners, with most of the work required to administer the estate being undertaken on a voluntary basis. All damage and maintenance has to be paid for by the owners, including sweeping the paths, paying for the electricity used by the path lights, water for the pool, repainting the pool balustrades etc.

It is the intention of these Rules to enable both residents and tenants to enjoy a safe, healthy, pleasant environment. The Committee is sure that everyone will appreciate the need for them. Every owner and tenant should read these Rules, act on them for your own enjoyment and to respect the rights of your neighbours. These Rules are abbreviated and you should approach the Committee Member of your block should you require clarification.

It should also be noted that should a Rule not be respected, then the Committee will take steps to ensure that it is. E.g. to redecorate the outside of a property should the colour of walls be changed, - restoration of original colour will be done at the offender’s expense.

Public areas - is defined as those areas for which the Comunidad has responsibility i.e. paths, verges, planted & pool areas.

  1. There must be no undue noise at any time of the day or night. In particular, there should be no noise from a property which can be heard outside of that property after midnight. Children should not run about or make a noise in the public areas after sunset.

  2. Scooters, bicycles and skateboards should not be ridden along pavements or paths inside the gated areas.

  3. All dogs and pets should have the appropriate health and vaccination certificates according to Spanish Law. These should be available for inspection on request by a member of the Committee. Dogs should not be left out at night when their barking can be heard by neighbours. All dogs must be kept on a lead when in the public areas. No dogs are allowed in the pool area. Any dog mess resulting from a dog defecating in a public area must be cleaned up immediately. If this rule is not complied with then the owner/walker will be subject to the following fines on demand:

    • Dog off lead €10
    • Dog defecates not cleaned up €15
    • Dog in pool area €50
    • A dog off the lead and defecating in the pool area will be fined €65

  4. All balustrades will be left natural or painted white.

  5. In accordance with Spanish Law, hosing down or jet washing of terraces and solariums above ground floor height is not permitted. Also, water dripping from air con units is not allowed to fall onto neighbouring properties.

  6. All intentions to change a property’s view from the outside MUST be referred to the Committee before any work starts. No extension outside the constructed area of the house is allowed. Garden walls may not be built upon except for balustrades. No flag poles are allowed. Nothing should be built/installed which hangs over anyone else’s or public property. Drawings/sketches/measurements/proposals for any planned construction work must be viewed on site by at least two committee members (preferably the President and at least one other) before the proposal is discussed by the Committee at the appropriate meeting. No construction work to be carried out during the months of June/July/August. (On the advice of the Administrator, the above two points will be presented at the 2016 AGM for voting and ratification).

  7. Built BBQ’s etc. should be white or of a colour and finish which is similar to the house.

  8. No painting or change of colour to the external house or garden walls, windows etc. is allowed without the permission of the Committee.

  9. Any awnings or sun blinds must be the same colour as the house walls.

  10. Gates may be left in their original colour, painted white or the same colour as the number on the house number tile.

  11. Any glass and aluminium work must have white aluminium.

  12. The exterior and gardens of all houses must be kept tidy with weeds and plants etc. (i.e. not allowed to overgrow)

  13. Washing lines should be used only on upper sun terraces with use kept to a minimum. No lines are allowed between trees or between the pillars of downstairs properties. All are encouraged to use plastic clothes airier where and when possible.

  14. No ball games in public areas or running over the grassed or planted areas is allowed.

  15. Parents are wholly responsible for the safety and behaviour of their children at all times when in public areas. Parents should ensure that their children are safe at all times - especially in the pool area - and that they do not disturb other people or invade others privacy.

  16. Cars etc. should not be parked parallel to the kerb, nor should they be parked in other owners parking places or where parking is not allowed.

  17. No violence – either verbal or physical – will be tolerated on Phase IV. Offenders run the risk of being excluded from Phase IV public areas and properties.

  18. No property may be used as a place of business.

  19. No BBQs may be brought onto or used in public areas – only on your own property.

  20. All TV and Satellite dishes must only be installed at the highest point of the roof line of any block. Owners should ensure that they have the permission from other owners if cables etc. have to be fixed to or cross properties, other than their own. For clarification please consult the President.

  21. Those who do not pay their Community Charge in proper time will be subject to the penalties as described by the majority of the owners.

  22. It is recommended that for easy reference all owners keep a copy of these Rules in their properties. Otherwise please consult the website:

Updated: July 2015
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