Community Fee

One of the important criterions of living in an urbanisation in Spain is that the property owner is obliged to make an annual payment called the Community fee. The Community fee is the income required to manage and maintain the services and facilities i.e. swimming pool, life guard, gardeners, electricity, water, replacement equipment, decorating, security and general community improvements etc.

This obviously applies to Zeniamar IV. We are very proud of how good our community looks and we are conscious that this requires money to maintain and we aspire to improving this standard whenever and wherever possible. The Community fee is based on a budget of expected costs and expenditure and is agreed each year at our A.G.M.

We do have an annual fee, however, to ease the burden we have a bi-annual payment in two equal amounts i.e. 1st January and 1st July each year. We allow a payment period of one calendar month, so therefore, if an owner has not paid their community fee by 1st February or 1st August then a 20% late payment charge is added. The majority of property owners pay their fee by direct debit which is very efficient and reduces administration time.

If any property owner is unaware of the amount of their Community fee they can contact our administrators whose name and contact details are outlined on our cover page.

The continued cooperation of the Community’s property owners ensures that Zeniamar IV maintains and enjoys its pristine reputation.
Administrators / Administración de fincas / Administrateurs
Tel. +34 965 712 331. Fax: +34 966 705 375